Wall on Straw Bale Floor

Wall with installation area


Straw bale insulated infill-wall. Posts: Two 14 x 6 cm
structural timber connected with metal lash or wood
(OSB or wooden boards), insulated in between (e.g.
with straw).
Materials Nr. 61: As the outside surface has to have a
lower Sd-value (4:1), use diffusion-open DWD-roofboards
or sawn rough boards with distance of 2-4
cm with diffusion-open windproof-paper.
Detail is suitable for Low Energy or Passive Houses
(depending on A/V-ratio and stories).

Attention Points:

As outside DWD functions as windproof layer and inside OSB functions as airtight layer, avoid making
holes or tape them if necessary. Indoor installations are laid in installation area inside OSB.

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