SSS Detail Strawbale Floor Plate

  • Technique:
    SSS - same size as straw
  • Detail by:
  • Built in:
  • 1:
    ev. EPDM-folie as a "pool", but only in bathroom
  • 2:
    impact sound insulation
  • 3:
    OSB board
  • 4:
    straw bale between beams
  • 5:
    softwood-board or straw infill
  • 6:
    DWD or UDP roof board (like Agepan)
  • 7:
    gypsum board (only as cellar-ceiling)
  • 8:
    concrete foundation-wall (on gravel)
  • 9:
    perimeter insulation on moisture break
  • 10:
    (lime-)plaster on plaster-ground (stukkatur)
  • 11:
  • 12:
    waterresistant plaster/board (splash-water-area)
  • Download as PDF:

Straw bale insulated floor-plate as ceiling to (cold) cellar or on stripe-foundation (concrete) with outside insulation, construction similar to outside wall.
Beams (posts in wall): Two 14 x 6 cm structural timber connected with metal lash or wood (OSB or wooden boards), insulated with straw.
Materials Nr. 6: As the outside surface has to have a lower Sd-value (4:1), use diffusion-open DWD-roofboards or diffusion-open OSB on the lower surface. Detail is suitable for Low Energy or Passive Houses (depending on A/V-ratio and stories).

Advantages: airtight and windproof folies/boards are closed; thermal-bridge-free connection between foundation and wall; safe construction concerning water and moisture (closed levels inside and outside).

Attention Points: As DWD on the bottom of the floor-plate is not very mechanically claimable be careful when filling in the strawbales or use rough boards (underneath) additionally or more diffusion-open OSB board instead.

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