Test with CUT technique & compression on July 6th in NL

  • Technique:
    CUT test with compresion

During a practical strawbale cource on July 6th I tested an alternation of the common CUT technique:

Bales are used on edge and positioned with normal fit inbetween posts of 170x28mm at a distance of 1500mm.
Every layer of bales there at two small battens, connected to the post with only a peace of rope.
After 3 layers of bales we compressed the total „pile“ of bales with a provisional top-box.

After compresion we could fix de small battens and the povisional top-beams to the posts.

(If post have good connection to the base-blate, compression with „hydraulic devices on top of the bales“ is also possible.)

We continued compression as high as possible with the trucker-straps: there mas no indication that the bales wanted to bend out in the middle of the wall (this does happen with the NSSS type of construction with one / two batten every 2 to 3 layers.

A fast and simple way to infill and compress a CUT-technique wall.

Wouter Klijn www.strobouw.nl

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