Wrapping Detail Strawbale foundation II

  • Technique:
    Wrapping / retrofitting
  • Detail by:
    Jakub Wihan
  • Built in:
    Czech republic
  • 1:
    strawbales fixed to the wall
  • 2:
    earth plaster, directly to bales with mesh
  • 3:
    water barier
  • 4:
    wooden baseplate (2x 50x100 mm)
  • 5:
    wooden ending (nose)
  • 6:
  • 7:
    brick foundation
  • 8:
  • 9:
    new floor on foamglass
  • 10:
    existed wall
  • 11:

Straw bale insulated wall as retrofitting on brick wall as new additional foundation. Space between existing foundation and new one is filled with keramzit, which is 650 mm under existing floor. On brick foundation is wooden baseplate (2x 50 x 100 mm) with predrilled hazel sticks for first layer of bales.

Strawbales are striped to the existed wall by plastic stripes, which are attached to metal hooks in wall.

Advantages: low cost solution of foundation

Disadvantages: not very good thermal insulation

Attention Points: elevate strawbale at least 30cm from the bottom. Make sure that bales are good connected to wall.

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