Wrapping Detail Strawbale foundation

  • Technique:
  • Detail by:
  • Built in:
  • 1:
    metal sheet
  • 2:
  • 3:
  • 4:
    existing wall
  • 5:
    wooden baseplate
  • 6:
  • 7:
    earth/lime plaster
  • 8:
    OSB box for window 15mm
  • 9:
    foam glass
  • 10:
    earth plaster/floor

Straw bale insulated wall as rtetrofitting on wooden base plate foundation (400 mm above earth), with earth plaster and lime plaster as exterior layer. Wooden baseplase is filled with XPS and continuing also under ground in angle 45°.
Baseplate: Two 15 x 5 cm structural timber connected to wall by wooden angles and metal angles screwed to wall. Space between fille with XPS.

Strawbales are striped to the existed wall by plastic stripes, which are attached to metal hooks in wall.

Advantages: thermal-bridge-free connection between foundation and wall

Disadvantages: encrease thickness of wall.

Attention Points: elevate strawbale  at least 30cm from the bottom. Make sure that bales are good connected to wall. Metal sheets is use for water diversion.

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