Wrapping Detail Strawbale opening

  • Technique:
    Wrapping / retrofitting
  • Detail by:
  • Built in:
  • 1:
    strawbales fixed to the wall
  • 2:
    woodfiberboard attached to windows frame
  • 3:
    lime plaster
  • 4:
    clay plaster
  • 5:
    existing wall
  • 6:
  • 7:
    OSB box for reposition of window
  • 8:
    lime plaster
  • 9:
    reed for holding plaster
  • 10:

Windows was moved from original position into wall to the insulation layer by creating OSB box.

Advantages: decrease thermal bridges; better sunlight transmittance

Disadvantages: Increase thickness of roof; need to cut bales around OSB

Attention Points: make sure that you fill all possible holes. Better is to preinsulate different placec before you wrap box with straw (woodfiberboard, hemp insulation etc.)

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