Wrapping Detail Strawbale roof

  • Technique:
    Wrapping / retrofitting
  • Detail by:
  • Built in:
  • 1:
    blown celullose
  • 2:
    additional wooden beam for extension
  • 3:
  • 4:
    new extention for the roof
  • 5:
    airtight foil
  • 6:
    existing wall
  • 7:
    earth plaster
  • 8:
    wooden cladding

strawbales are used on insulation flat ceiling under roof. They are connected to straw wrap on wall. Airtight foil is undet the bales on ceiling, and connected and taped to the wall.

Strawbales are protected and insulated by blown cellulose (100 mm). Space under the roof is not used.

Advantages: low cost solution of foundation

Disadvantages: Increase thickness of roof; must have overhanged roof; put additional weihgt to construcion

Attention Points: make sure that connection insulation roof-wall is well insulated and all holes are filled with straw or another natural insolation.

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